Agricultural Library


Here are some Free e-books for you to download. Converging a range of topics from design to development and everything in between. Our eBook collection contain everything you need to start farming. No buts or ifs.

  1. Overview-Of-The-Fisheries-Sector-In-Zambia-07-05-2019
  2. Sustainable-Integrated-Pest-Management-for-Tomato
  3. Goat Farming As a Business
  4. Mushroom-Cultivation–An-Effective-Means-For-Poverty-Alleviation
  5. The Truth about Snake Repellents
  6. Quail Farming For Beginners
  7. Soya Bean Growers Guide
  8. Onion Growers Guide
  9. Developing-a-Free-Range-Poultry-Enterprise
  10. How-to-Start-an-Ostrich-Farm
  11. How-to-Grow-Watermelons
  12. Cowpea-Production-Guidelines
  13. Rabbit Feed Formulation Guidelines
  14. Disease Control and Treatment in Poultry
  15. Guinea Fowl Management Guide