Here are some Free e-books for you to download. Converging a range of topics from design to development and everything in between. Our eBook collection contain everything you need to start farming. No buts or ifs.

  1. Overview of the Fisheries Sector in Zambia
  2. Sustainable Integrated Pest Management for Tomato
  3. Goat farming as a Business
  4. Mushroom Cultivation – An Effective Means For Poverty Alleviation
  5. The Truth about Snake Repellents
  6. Onion Growers Guide
  7. Developing a Free-Range Poultry Enterprise
  8. How to Start a Successful Ostrich Farm
  9. Cowpea Production Guidelines
  10. Rabbit Feed Formulation Guidelines
  11. Disease Control and Treatment in Poultry
  12. Guinea Fowl Management Guide
  13. How to Grow Watermelons
  14. Quail Farming For Beginners
  15. Soya Bean Growers Guide
  16. How to Start a Honey Bee Farming Business
  17. Guide for Growing Tomatoes Successfully On Open Space
  18. Report On the State Of Animal Genetic Resources in Zambia
  19. African Organic Agriculture Training Manual Module 09 Crops Unit 22 Mango
  20. Rabbits Farming Business Venture
  21. The Coronavirus Prevention Handbook