Book Review: The Coronavirus Prevention Handbook

The Coronavirus Prevention Handbook

The Coronavirus Prevention Handbook

In this era of globalization, non-stop movements of humans and goods make no country immune to the potential threat of epidemics.

Since 2003, emergent contagious diseases such as the avian influenza, MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome), SARS, and Ebola reminded us human beings once and again of the grave threat that they pose to the human health and the economic and social security.

While the spread of COVID-19 is gradually being contained in China, the world is facing several new hot spots such as Japan, South Korea, Iran, and Italy. So, dissemination of the knowledge and know-hows of the prevention and control of the epidemic is urgent and essential not only for China but also for the world.

In the early days of the outbreak, China promptly shared its understanding of the virus with the world through the World Health Organization. Tested and tempered by the viral epidemic such as SARS epidemic, the frontline professionals and experts at the “epicenter”—Wuhan, decided to share their invaluable experiences and lessons drawn from the current outbreak as well as during their careers in China and various countries in the form of the Handbook of Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Chinese.

This book, especially the measures that individuals and communities can adopt at the time of an outbreak, might serve as an important source of information on the prevention and control of both the present and future epidemics. Even if China’s experiences do not apply to all countries in the same manner, they should serve as valuable references.

The intended readership of this book includes health professionals and the public, and archiving of the book may be suggested for public and professional, academic libraries. Readers can find topics of their interest in the contents page and jump directly to the relevant pages without finishing the preceding ones.

Download The Coronavirus Prevention Handbook from Feel free to copy and share this with your friends and family.

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