Benefits of Having Trees on a Poultry Farm

Chickens pecking under a tree

Chickens pecking under a tree

Planting trees around a poultry farm is an underrated cultural practice that has numerous beneficial effects on the birds and the environment. Trees are wonderful components of the earth; they do not only sustain life through the provision of air for all living things, but trees also serve as a shield that protects living things from environmental hazards.

Tree planting can make poultry farming more productive than management envisaged. Irrespective of the system of rearing chickens you adopt, be it deep litter or battery cage system, trees can greatly improve the productivity of your birds

Let me give you some hints:

  • Most of the disease pathogens of poultry diseases are aerosols, that is, they are mostly present in the air. The presence of trees around your chicken farm will help to absorb these pathogens and keep your chickens safe and healthy always.
  • Climate change is another factor that has become worrisome. Change in climate is having huge effects on poultry production, such as heat stress in chickens. Planting of trees will produce a cooling effect around your farm, hence, helping your birds overcome the unbearable heat condition.
  • Poultry farmers should not be treated as minors as they are the main contributors to global development. Agriculture and other forms of development should complement each other and not one subduing the other. Cutting of trees for non-agricultural purposes is detrimental to the health of society. It is one of the causes of the global shortage of food.

Planting trees around the poultry farm is very important and comes with many benefits. Some of them are:

  1. Trees Regulate Environmental Temperature. Of course, this is an established fact. Trees provide a natural cooling effect and air conditioning. When the environmental temperature is high and becoming unbearable for birds, trees help to mitigate this condition. When trees are planted around the farm, it provides cool air to regulate the body temperature of the chickens. The absence of trees on your farm denies your birds this benefit, therefore, making them more susceptible to heat stress.
  2. Trees Absorb Pollutants And Air Impurities. This is very true. Trees absorb air pollutants and impurities, thus, providing your poultry birds with fresh air for respiration. Industrialization has subjected the world to several impurities and pollutants.
  3. Trees Serve As A Windbreak. A windbreak is a defence mechanism against the detrimental effects of heavy wind on the poultry house. Trees are the best form of windbreak; they reduce the negative effects of high winds on both the chickens and the poultry house structures.
  4. Trees Purify The Atmosphere. Trees absorb all forms of impurities and in turn provide fresh air for use by all living things. Through the process of exchanging impurities and pollutants, fresh air is released for respiration, thus, the atmosphere becomes purified.

Recommended Trees You Can Plant Around Poultry Farm

You can plant any tree around your farm, they will serve the aforementioned purposes. Neem tree is a good tree that can be planted; it is a pest repellent tree, others are:

  • Cashew
  • Plantain
  • Mango
  • Almond

Planting trees is a prerequisite to healthy living. The world population is increasing and the need for oxygen is also increasing. Cutting down trees can be exemplified to cutting down lives; plant trees around your poultry farm to increase the productivity of your birds. Plant trees around your house to increase the livelihood of your neighbourhood.

For further info, you can Download the following PDF guide Developing a Free-Range Poultry Enterprise now. Feel free to copy and share this with your friends and family.

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