Create and Grow Wealth – The Crowd Funding Concept

A farmer feeding his Goats

A farmer feeding his Goats

Many dream of getting into farming but get hindered by insufficient capital. Besides, one could opt for a bank loan which is almost always expensive if not exploitative and full of complex paperwork, collateral demands and high interest rates.

Moreover, you will never be part of that bank but a mere client.

By capital, l mean land, labour, cash, water, knowledge etc.

Don’t forget. I said insufficient capital. Well from now onwards, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can with a small investment get jump started to greater heights as long as you have seen Valuable Value in what am about to introduce to you, Crowd Funding with huge returns over a considerable time.

(Please don’t forget, l didn’t say instant huge returns. I said huge returns over a considerable time because in all honesty am not a magician.)

Now, Crowd Funding, or let me say Crowd Farming is a New concept where people contribute resources to start or fund an existing farm project. In other words, you pay a small amount of money to become a part of a big farm. As a member, your wealth grows and so is your knowledge in farming.

In fact and practice, you will not just be a funder but owner of a part. Unlike stocks and bonds, your shares will be tangible and visible to even show your spouse, friends or kids.

Ah sorry, did l say new concept? Oh please no! Crowd funding is not all that new because our fathers had used it to fund the construction of UNZA which is a public property.

However, the difference between UNZA concept and Crowd Farming is that in here, your contribution becomes yours, your wealth and adding Valuable Value to yourself and your family.

The beauty is that you can be part of it regardless of where you are in the world. Simply contribute your share basing on your financial capacity.

Here is how it works:

Goats! Goats! Goats! Yes Goat Farming.

You and we are going to start Goat Farming. By us, l mean me and my wife. I hope you too will bring along somebody, your spouse, kid, friend or parents. I mean your next of kin, right.

We will call it:

Grow Pamodzi Goat Project or 2G2P

Please don’t ask me about Goat market because it’s there and plenty of it from fellow farmers, shokaz, supu yambuzi, Kasumbalesa, Somalis and Saudis.

To get started, we will provide grazing land, technical knowhow, water and management of 2G2P.

As a shareholder, you will in a very individual small way contribute to fencing, housing, transport, herding, ear tags, insurance and start up goats.

The Rules:

  1. All infrastructure and equipment will belong to the founder (us) that is land, fences, buildings and equipment.
  2. All 2G2P members shall start with a minimum of one female goat.
  3. All members shall be required to contribute a share Capital of K800.00 for an investment of one female goat. K300.00 for the female goat and K500.00 for all other surrounding expenses which include infrastructure, insurance, security and management expenses for 18 months.
  4. All members are required to pay a lump sum of K800.00 or first K500.00 and the remaining K300.00 in two monthly instalments of K150.00 each.
  5. Each goat shall be Ear Tagged/ branded with an identification number/ mark linking it to the owner.
  6. Proper records of all transactions of 2G2P and Livestock management shall be done in a very transparent manner and made available to members.
  7. Members shall be allowed to visit the farm once every 6 months.
  8. When a goat gives birth, the owner will be notified of the sex, birth weight, ear tag # / brand mark and photos etc.
  9. Each goat will have its own file of performance records.
  10. All first born kids shall belong to the owner (You).
  11. All first born male kids shall either be exchanged for females or sold to buy females.
  12. All first born female kids shall be kept and belong to you the owner.
  13. All kids born after March 2021, shall be shared between YOU and US at the rate of 2:1. Meaning you will get 2, we get 1. (This may be in actual goats or cash after sales).
  14. You will only be allowed to sale and leave 2G2p completely after 24 months. In which case you may either collect all your goats or sale for cash.


  1. Mother goat value: K300.00
  2. First born kid: K30O.00 or twins. K600.00

1st production round value gain:

  1. Single born Kid (mother + Kid) = K600.00
  2. Twin born Kids (mother + twins) =K900.00

2nd Production round value gain:

  1. Single Kid (mother + Kid) = K600.00
  2. Single Kid (mother + twine) =K900.00 round.

Total value after 12months:

Single kid: K1, 200.00

Twin kids: K1, 800.00

From March 2021 your females kids begin giving birth too and therefore your value will now escalate. From this point we (us) begin to get our share of 1/3 of every value gained.

Now as you have read, a good intention backed by a well-planned and organized initiative can lead you to beat the odds. Even when you don’t have land and sufficient resources, you can still start farming by being a 2G2P shareholder.

With as little as K800.00. You too can begin to grow your wealth and add Valuable Value to yourself and the nation at large.

We will be more than delighted to receive your expression of interest, application for an investment certificate, queries, comments and suggestions.

-To get the ball rolling, get in touch with us via messenger, sms text, WhatsApp or call David on +260-0977924768. Read also: Goat Farming As a Business

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