How to Get Rid of Army Worms

Maize plant damaged by army worms

Maize plant damaged by army worms

Are you scooping the army worms or you are closing the source?

Having army worms in your field is not a real problem, it’s just a symptom of a problem. If you want to deal with army worms, deal with the root cause. In most cases we are good at dealing with the symptoms.

If I was to ask you a question if you are in the boat, and it starts leaking what would be the best solution, scooping the water or closing the leakage? I know many will say closing the leakage.

But the fact is when we talk about army worms many of us are scooping them not closing the source.

We should deal with the root cause.

Pests are causing a lot of damage and loss to many farmers if you are not dealing with them permanently.

It has taken me three solid years to know how to deal with army worms. And here is the solution I have found working best. In my field army worms are a strange thing.

I don’t recommend spraying I recommend a real solution, a real solution is to deal with them before they attack. I will share two methods you can deal with them.

  1. Crop Rotation Is Very Effective

Many of us use the same field for ages to grow maize, if you were to ask yourself mostly army worms attack maize. The eggs for army worms can stay in the maize stalk till the next season.

When you rotate the crops and the eggs hatch, the army worms will starve to death and they will not lay eggs for the next season. You would have disturbed the life cycle of the army worms.

You can rotate with ground Nuts, sunflower, soybeans and other crops which are not attacked with army worms.

  1. The seed

Army worms are a new thing, like a decade ago we didn’t have them in abundance as now, even when we did not do crop rotation.

I have been planting local maize heirloom and I have not had this problem even if I did not do crop rotation. If you want food security for your family and free from army worms I would advise you to plant local maize.

Man who makes seeds is sophisticated!!!

I hope this helps, it works for me, and army worms are not a problem with me. Read also: Lufenuron – A Miracle Pesticide

2 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Army Worms

    • This procedure has been tried and tested. And it has worked for us. But like you have correctly put it, it is a recommendation. The best you can do is seek advice from your local agriculture officers. They can advise you on local chemicals you can use to fight army worms.

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